Wildfire Prevention in Bremerton, WA

How to Protect Your Home & Property from Wildfires

Wildfire Prevention in Bremerton, WAWildfires occur every year and summer season is also known as fire season. Each year millions of acres across the country are scorched by both nature as well as human caused fire. By knowing how to minimize losses, human caused fires can drastically decrease with the proper education. Use these simple steps.

Equipment or toys can spark a wildfire

Lawn mowers, weed-eaters, chain saws, welders, tractors, dirt bikes, and more can all cause sparks. Don’t mow dry grass or weeds. When you are maintaining your yard, avoid dry yard debris buildup.

If you are using a tractor, dirt bike or welder, avoid driving or using your welder near dry grass or brush.

Keeping your Home Safe from Wildfire Damage

Use fire-resistant building material for your home.

The roof and exterior surface need to be composed of non-combustible or fire resistant materials. This would include brick, stone, aluminum, tile, sheet iron, asphalt or slate. If your home is composed of wood or cedar, consider this a risk. Homes that are located in especially fire prone areas can escape damage by being entirely built of concrete and stone.

Maintain Your Roof

When your roof is filled with leaves, pine needles, branches, moss, you are increasing your risk for wildfire damage. Be sure to avoid letting these items collect on your roof.

Keep your Property Free of Dead Plants or Trees

Tree branches should be kept to a height of 15 feet. Also, be sure tree branches aren’t near your chimney. If a branch is within 10 feet of the flue opening of the stove or chimney, remove it.

Keeping things like sheds and wood piles at least 30 feet away from your home helps reduce the chances of a fire jumping from one structure to the next.

It is important to understand the limits of your insurance policies as many natural disasters like floods or earthquakes require a special insurance policy while wildfires are generally covered under the comprehensive portion of a homeowner’s insurance policy. The price of the policy may be higher if you live in an area that is prone to yearly fires or if a fire station is far away.

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Five reasons to have a local, independent insurance agent

There are many ways to shop for car insurance, home insurance and more. With the advancement of technology, not only do you have more ways to shop, but you can do it on your own time. However, insurance is a complicated product. It isn’t as easy as going to a site like Amazon or Ebay and selecting what color you want. Local independent agents offer more, and in most cases, pricing will not be cheaper if you decide to purchase online. Several reasons to purchase insurance locally include:

  • Insurance agents are discount detectives. Insurance agents WANT to help you save money. By choosing a local independent agent in Bremerton, WA, you not only are getting a local professional, but the best rates available to you. Agents know that price is important when shopping for insurance, so they will work to win your business.
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  • Can change companies as you change. Buy a home or get married? Maybe the company you’re with now isn’t the best solution for you anymore. The great thing about having an independent insurance agent on your side is they can move you to a company that better fits your new situation. Maybe bundling your home and auto insurance make better sense with another carrier.
  • Knowledge. Let’s be honest… how many of you can explain the differences in: Comprehensive, Bodily Injury, UMBI, UMPD, PIP, Medpay or how much fungus coverage you get on your homeowner’s policy? It is so important to have a local insurance agent because they can help you understand these things and counsel you on what options are best for you.
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H&K Agency Inc. is a no-fee insurance agent specializing in customized policies for our clients. We represent a variety of different insurance companies who offer comprehensive packages at affordable prices. This allows us to provide you with the lowest premiums and the most complete coverage. Our services are available throughout Port Orchard WA, Bremerton WA, Silverdale WA, and the surrounding areas. For all of your personal insurance needs, give our knowledgeable agents at call (360) 377-7645.