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Teen Driver Insurance in Washington

You never thought this day would come, your child is a licensed driver. This can be both a nerve-racking and exciting time! The time has come where your child or children are starting to drive. This can be an anxious time for many parents! Your H&K Insurance agent is ready to answer all of your questions and explain the insurance process to “Junior.”

Learning to be a safe driver is more than spending a lot of time behind the wheel. Safe driving starts with being a great example for your children and then spending the time to talk to them about the rules of the road before they even take the wheel. It is important to talk to your children about the privilege to drive. Many teens feel that driving is a right that can’t be taken away. Tell your children about the increased regulatory laws regarding teen driving in your state.

A Ticket or Accident?

Just one ticket or accident could mean the end to your child’s teen driving. Insurance premiums often TRIPLE from a single ticket for speeding or an accident making it nearly impossible to cover the cost of them driving. Make sure you talk to your teen about the cost of insurance so they understand the importance of not only driving safe to keep their premiums low, but driving safe just for the sake of being safe.

Distractions in the car

Cell phones, other passengers, other drivers, poor weather… the list of distractions for your young teen driver can be daunting. Leading by example can be the best way to show your teen driver that driving is meant to be taken seriously, and that safe driving means not talking or texting on the cell phone.

We wish your teen the best of luck out there! Remember, we’re always here to help you or happy to talk to your teen about the impact certain driving behavior can have on their insurance premiums.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teen Driver Insurance

Do I need to add my teen driver to my insurance policy?

Teen drivers typically need to be added to your insurance policy once they obtain a driver’s license.

Is insurance on teen drivers expensive?

Yes, teen driver insurance is typically more expensive than an experienced driver. Be careful to not intentionally leave them off your policy to avoid insurance premiums as this can result in a coverage denial.

How can I get the best deal on my teen driver’s insurance?

The best way is to shop around. Local independent agencies like ours can quote you with multiple top-rated companies to find you the best rate for your teen driver. Sometimes adding them to your policy is best and other times, getting them their own policy will yield the best rate.

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