Five reasons to have a local, independent insurance agent

There are many ways to shop for car insurance, home insurance and more. With the advancement of technology, not only do you have more ways to shop, but you can do it on your own time. However, insurance is a complicated product. It isn’t as easy as going to a site like Amazon or Ebay and selecting what color you want. Local independent agents offer more, and in most cases, pricing will not be cheaper if you decide to purchase online. Several reasons to purchase insurance locally include:

  • Insurance agents are discount detectives. Insurance agents WANT to help you save money. By choosing a local independent agent in Bremerton, WA, you not only are getting a local professional, but the best rates available to you. Agents know that price is important when shopping for insurance, so they will work to win your business.
  • Multiple companies to choose from. Because they’re independent insurance agent, they represent many companies, not just one like a captive Allstate or Farmer’s agent. If you call an 800# to get your insurance, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Call a local independent insurance agent and get quoted through multiple companies all at once, in the same time it takes you to get just one quote by calling a direct writer like Geico.
  • Can change companies as you change. Buy a home or get married? Maybe the company you’re with now isn’t the best solution for you anymore. The great thing about having an independent insurance agent on your side is they can move you to a company that better fits your new situation. Maybe bundling your home and auto insurance make better sense with another carrier.
  • Knowledge. Let’s be honest… how many of you can explain the differences in: Comprehensive, Bodily Injury, UMBI, UMPD, PIP, Medpay or how much fungus coverage you get on your homeowner’s policy? It is so important to have a local insurance agent because they can help you understand these things and counsel you on what options are best for you.
  • One-Stop-Shopping. Home, Auto, Life, Health, Motorcycle, Business, Farm, Commercial and more, all at one place! Your independent insurance agent can help you with all of your insurance needs so you don’t need to remember where each product is.

So, if you’re looking for insurance in Bremerton, Port Orchard or Silverdale, WA call the insurance professionals at H & K Insurance.