Homeowner’s insurance discounts

Home Insurance DiscountsWhether you are looking to purchase a new home or if you find your current home insurance premium is too high, our local, independent insurance agency can help. We represent the top home insurance carriers in the country. In one click, we can provide you with quotes from all of our carriers at once!

Here are the most common home insurance discounts you can receive:

Bundle your auto insurance with your home insurance: Bundling your auto and home insurance policies together with the same insurance carrier is our first discount we search for. If you have an existing auto insurance policy already, we can quote your home insurance with the same carrier. We can also provide you with a new quote for auto & home insurance with our other carriers.

Pay in Full: if you opt to pay your home insurance once a year, many insurance carriers will lower your premium. This also is the same for your auto insurance policy.

Longevity: Stay with the Same Insurance Carrier Year after Year: Many insurance carriers give a loyalty discount. If you have been with the same insurance carrier for years, you may be able to receive a lower home insurance premium. Talk to an agent in our office to see if you are qualify for a loyalty discount.

No Claims? Get Rewarded: You may see insurance carrier commercials promoting claims-free discounts. This is true! Each insurance carrier has their own set of criteria for rewarding their customers with discounts for being claims-free. Many times this means receiving a check in the mail throughout the year.

Military or Retired Discount: If you are in the military or recently retired, talk to an agent in our office to see if your insurance carrier can provide you with a discount.

Invest in Smart Home Devices: Many insurance carriers like it when homeowners invest in the safety of their home. This could include sensors for leaks or being able to lock your home when you’re off your property. Talk to us to see what your insurance carrier may provide.

Go Green: Many homeowners are investing in solar panels and it is earning them a home insurance discount. Other ways to earn a discount – upgrading your windows or appliances to being more energy efficient such as your windows, heat pumps or other appliances in your home.

Other ways to lower your premium:

Adjust your deductible: The higher your deductible, the lower your monthly or yearly home insurance premium. Yes, you would have to pay more out of pocket if you experienced a home insurance claim. However, if you see yourself as lower risk, it may be better for you to earn a monthly discount on your premium instead to save more money in the long run.

Keep your Credit Score High: Insurance carriers can view a good credit score as less risk. This can earn you a lower home insurance premium.

If you Live in an Old Home, Upgrades Can Lower Your Premium: some old homes have knob and tube wiring, which can increase your risk for a home fire. If you’ve upgraded your home electrical system, be sure your agent knows this was completed. It can lower your premium.

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Should You Insure A Golf Cart?

Golf Cart Insurance

Golf carts aren’t just used for the golf course. Many people use as an easy transportation around their neighborhood.

Depending what state you live in, insurance for your golf cart is either required or optional. Golf cart insurance is going to provide you with the best coverage versus simply relying on your home insurance policy for coverage. Home insurance can also deny coverage if you get into an accident or injure someone away from your property.

What protection does golf cart insurance provide you?

Similar to car insurance, golf cart insurance can provide you with a wide variety of protection.

Property damage liability – if you damage someone’s property with your golf cart, this can pay for the damage.

Bodily injury liability – if you injure someone who is not a passenger with your golf cart, this can pay for the medical bills.

Guest Passenger liability – if you injure your guest passenger who is riding with you, this may pay for medical expenses.

Collision insurance – this coverage can pay for any damage you cause to your golf cart if you get into a collision with another object.

Comprehensive insurance – this can provide coverage if something happens to your golf cart such as fire damage, theft or any other event that causes damage.

Uninsured motorist coverage – this coverage helps pay for damage on accidents where you are not at fault. If you get into an accident with someone else who is at fault, but that person doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the damage, uninsured motorist coverage may kick in.

Medical payments – this can provide coverage for medical bills related to you and your guest passengers regardless who is at fault for the accident.

Frequently Asked Questions about Golf Cart Insurance –

I have a home and auto insurance policy, if I choose not to buy a golf cart insurance policy, am I covered by my other insurance policies?

Auto insurance rarely provides coverage for golf carts. Your home insurance may provide some coverage for your golf cart, but only if you have a claim that occurs on your property. We don’t recommend relying on this coverage because it can be minimal. Talk to an agent in our office about what your home insurance could cover. If you get into an accident away from your property, most likely your home insurance will deny any coverage.

Is golf cart insurance affordable?

Definitely! Insurance premiums vary based off of what coverage you want to purchase. If you want to purchase all the coverage options above, your cost will be more versus just purchasing liability insurance.

Other factors that play a role in your premium – your driving history, your vehicle, if you wish to pay yearly or monthly or taking a safety course.

Call our agency for a free insurance quote! If you have other policies, we can bundle with your current insurance carrier to provide you with additional discounts.

Home Theft Protection in Bremerton, Washington

My Home was Burglarized and Valuables were Stolen, Am I Covered By My Home Insurance?

Home Theft Protection in Bremerton, WashingtonLike car theft, many cities and communities throughout the United States have seen an increase in home burglaries. If your home is ever burglarized, it is important to understand your home or renter’s insurance coverage.

Home insurance can provide you with coverage for replacement if you have valuables stolen from your home. In insurance terms, this is known as personal property coverage. Coverage varies depending on your policy limits and your deductible.

A Claim is Processed on Actual Cash Value or Replacement Value for Stolen Valuables

It is important to note that covered claims are processed based off your policy verbiage. Often policy holders believe valuables that were stolen from their home will be reimbursed at the same price as what they paid for it. This is not always the case.

Actual Cash Value – Actual cash value is the amount you paid for the item, minus depreciation at the time of your insurance claim. The insurance carrier reimburses you simply off what this specific item costs today. In most situations, insurance adjusters will determine the price of reimbursement is less than what you originally paid. Depreciation is broken down by wear and tear or the age of the item. 

Replacement Value – Replacement value is the amount you paid for the item. It does not factor in depreciation. In a covered claim, an insurance adjuster will reimburse or replace an item similar to what was stolen at today’s price.

Choosing what coverage, you prefer for your policy is up to you. Actual cash value coverage tends to offer a more affordable insurance premium but does offer a little less coverage. Replacement value offers more coverage but increases your insurance premium.

Are all items in your home covered under personal property coverage?

Certain high price items should be covered under a policy rider.

This is separate from personal property coverage. Items such as wedding or engagement rings, other valuable jewelry, fine art, as well as equipment such as high price cameras, bicycles, musical instruments, firearms, or any other valuables you consider high price.

Contact an agent in our office to discuss if you need specific items in your home on a policy rider. It’s important to have separate coverage for these items because home insurance policies do have policy limits. If a high price valuable was stolen from your home, you may be underinsured. Therefore, your home or renters insurance policy could not provide you with proper replacement for your valuable.

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