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Classic Car

For those of us who are collectors of classic cars, it isn’t just a way to get around; it’s an investment that will continue to appreciate.

Some classics are taken out for a Sunday spin, while others are admired and pampered in a garage. Not everyone uses their classic or antique vehicles the same, which is why a H&K Insurance agent will work with you to select the appropriate policy. It is important for us to understand your coverage needs, miles driven, vehicle age and any vehicle modifications to ensure you get the correct policy for your investment. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for classic car insurance or collector car insurance:

  • Agreed Value: This means the insurance carrier will pay you the full (agreed to) amount in the event of a covered total loss, less any applicable deductible. This type of coverage is much better than “actual cash value” or “stated value” that you can purchase as well. Talk to an agent to find out which coverage is best for your situation.
  • Low Rates: Collector vehicles aren’t usually driven year round, so your insurance premium will reflect this by being lower than a standard auto policy.
  • Coverage Options: Each collector car is unique. That is why H&K Insurance will work with you to determine the right amount of coverage to ensure your classic is insured properly.
  • Mileage: Don’t be afraid to drive that classic! Not all of our companies limit mileage driven, but  most base the rate off of being driven less than 5,000 miles a year.
  • Roadside Assistance: It’s a classic! Unfortunately, they are prone to breaking down from time to time. With a Roadside Assistance endorsement you can drive worry free.

Detailed photographs of your classic auto are a must!  In the unfortunate event of a claim, it will make the claims appraisal process much smoother!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Classic Car Insurance

Do I need to insure my classic car when I am not driving it?

You’ll want to maintain classic car insurance even if you’re not driving it. In the event the vehicle is destroyed in a fire, stolen or vandalized, you’ll want coverage to protect your classic car from these risks. Additionally, classic car insurance is typically less to insure because the companies that insure them know you aren’t typically driving them all the time.

 What companies offer classic car insurance?

Several great insurance companies offer classic car insurance. If you call an independent insurance agent, they can quote your classic vehicle with multiple companies so you can compare coverage and pricing options.

Why is classic car insurance less than normal auto insurance?

Classic cars are usually limited to how many miles you can drive them. Therefore, because they are being driven less, the cost of insurance is typically less.

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