Don’t cancel your insurance: protect your seasonal toys year-round

As the summer season comes to a close, you may be tempted to cancel your insurance policies on your summer toys like motorcycles, RVs, boats, and ATVs. However, it’s important to consider the potential risks and expenses that could arise during the off-season.

While you may not be actively using these vehicles, they can still be vulnerable to damage, theft, or accidents that would require an insurance claim.

Here are some reasons why it’s advisable to keep your insurance policies in effect even when your toys are parked:

Comprehensive Insurance Claims: Even when your vehicles are securely stored, theft or vandalism can occur at any time. Without comprehensive insurance coverage, you would be responsible for covering the costs of repairs, repainting, or even replacing your toys out-of-pocket.

Additionally, catastrophic events like floods or fires can happen during the off-season, and having comprehensive insurance can provide the necessary assistance from your insurance carrier.

Liability Insurance Claims: Accidents can happen unexpectedly, even if your toy is safely parked. For example, someone at a party at your home decides to take a picture on your Harley and accidentally falls, damaging both themselves and your bike. In such cases, you may be held legally responsible for their injuries, even if you didn’t give them permission to use the vehicle. Without liability insurance, you would be liable for their medical bills and recovery costs.

Other potential claims scenarios to consider include:

  • A storm knocks over a tree onto your parked camper (Comprehensive claim).
  • Hail damages your vehicle (Comprehensive claim).
  • Your garage catches fire and burns your motorcycle, boat, or ATV inside (Comprehensive claim for the vehicle, not covered by home insurance).
  • Your RV or boat is damaged while parked in an off-season storage facility, and the responsible party leaves without providing their information.
  • A thief vandalizes your vehicle while looking for valuable items.

These examples demonstrate the various risks that can occur during the off-season. Some insurance carriers offer premium adjustments to reflect the high and low seasons of vehicle usage.

By keeping your motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, ATV insurance, or boat insurance in effect year-round, you not only avoid costly out-of-pocket expenses but may also be eligible for premium savings.

Speak with your insurance agent today to discuss the benefits of maintaining comprehensive and liability insurance coverage on your summer toys throughout the year. Don’t let the off-season leave you vulnerable to financial burdens.